Monday, June 21, 2010

Wow almost 3 months!

I am so sorry we haven't been keeping the blog up. I can't believe it has been almost 3 months since our last post. We have been so busy since then. Easter at Aunt Pat and Uncle Brian's house. We have had birthday parties to attend and we even got a dog. Jon took a new job with LaVie and started today. Since he took the new job, he gave in to me getting a dog. We went to the humane society and got a Rhodesian Ridgeback/lab mix 5 month old puppy that weighs almost 50lbs. She is a cutie and her name is Bentley and they told us she may get up to 100lbs. Hayden gets along great with her. They play all of the time and Hayden even gives her treats whenever he feels like it. We had to hide the treats from Hayden and not the dog. We have been trying to get more done around the house... we have 2 shutters painted, the ceiling fan put up, and the guest bathroom light installed.

Hayden is talking more and more each day in full sentences. Some of the things the kid says makes me laugh. I wish I could recall some of them but I am drawing a blank. He does tell me that he has a headache... well usually it is because I tell him he is giving me a headache. Now that he is potty trained he tells me he has to "poopoo peepee potty" although you are never sure which one it will be. The best part is when he decides to go number two, during the red face and holding on the breathe he yells "here is comes!" I am not sure why that makes me laugh, but maybe it is just the tone of his voice as he is saying it. He is potty trained during the day wearing big boy underwear, but still wearing pull ups at night.

Anyway, I still need to upload recent photos of Hayden and the new pup, but I figured I would at least get an update going on the blog. For now I hope everyone had a good evening and I hope you all have a good week!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Good News... We found the camera cord!

With much searching and destroying of the office basement and everywhere else we looked, we finally found the camera in the wii carrying case of all things. I have begun to upload videos as I am typing. If you can't see them on the video bar you can go to and search for HaydenWO2007 you will be able to view all of his videos. Hopefully I can get some pictures up as well.

Since our last post we have been pretty busy battling colds and going to Tennessee to visit the Komolls. We had a great time: Easter Egg Hunt, Golf/Shopping (you will never guess who did what), The Rain forest Cafe, and the Grand Ole Opry Hotel. I have got a lot of great pictures I will post.

Hayden's vocabulary is amazing. I can't believe some of the words the kid knows. We have flash cards and yesterday we went through them and he knows the words (even though they are pictures) on every card and there is about 3 words per card. He is starting to make 4 word sentences and actually have a conversation with someone. The only problem know with his vocabulary is that he gets frustrated when we don't know what he wants... results screaming and crying! But we are working on it and if we can get him to settle down then the words usually come out.

We found out our neighborhood is a kid haven. Every time it is nice out kids run around everywhere. They even block a portion of one of the streets off so the kids can play. We really got fortunate with our neighborhood. Well that is all for now. I will upload the pictures to flickr. Have a good weekend.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mommy Timeout!

Have you ever had a kid try and put you in time out? Well yesterday Hayden was up earlier than usual and with Jon at a conference neither of us sleep very well... so of course I am dragging just a little at 6:30 in the morning. Well Hayden wanted his breakfast faster than I was willing to move. So he started counting: "1...2...3...4...Mommy timeout... Now!" At least he gave me until 4. I just looked at him with my mouth open. He really wanted me to go in timeout for not listening, since he gets put in timeout for not listening. I am not going to lie it was pretty funny. He has also learned how to open the freezer and refrigerator and if you aren't paying attention the ice cream, Popsicles and fruit are the first things to come out. He has also been reading books a lot more. We have been to the library every day this week just so we can get new books to read. This morning while Jon was getting ready and I was ironing he spent a good 15 minutes in his room just reading to himself. Right now I might have to buy one of the books from the library, I don't think he will be able to let it go when it is time to take it back!

On the home front we have only painted one more room since the last post and bought a vinyl sliding shade for our patio door (since the curtains we picked out seem to be more of a hassle that anything else). We have been looking at sectionals but haven't found anything we can't live without yet. Still working on finding our camera cord. I know it is here somewhere but there is a lot more house here than our apartment! Just think when we do get the pictures and videos up there will be plenty for everyone to look at. Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Window Treatments Cost How Much???

I know this post doesn't have too much to do about Hayden, but I had to post it anyway.

Amanda already posted that we got new shades/curtains last weekend, what she didn't mention was that they cost the same as a used car.

Seriously...they hang over your window and you pull them up and down so people don't see your butt. I understand that; but do they really have to charge that much for them? I would have expected them to be made of gold with a diamond trim. At the vary least maybe come with a bottle of liquor and a massage. Or maybe if the shade gave you a quarter every time it opened and closed it might pay itself off by the time the mortgage is paid.

Well, Amanda is happy with them and happy wife, happy life. Maybe I'll save a little more on energy costs.

On the Hayden front - I taught him to sing "Happy Birthday" to Amanda, so she got a nice rendition on her birthday. Lets just say the boy will not be a music star at any point in his life, a little tone-deaf, but he got the words right and we got it on video.

Potty training is going OK at times. At least there is a glimmer of hope there and we can get some of that "curtain" money back on diaper savings soon.

That is about it for now, just had to get my little rant out! Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making Big Progress

Since we have moved into our new house we have been trying to help Hayden become a big boy. Last Monday February 15 we traded in Hayden's baby car seat to Toys R Us to receive 25% off a toddler bed. Jon had picked it up while Hayden was napping and we put it together before he got up. We told him he was growing up and needed a big boy bed. Well his new big boy bed is a Lightening McQueen race car... pretty cool huh? Well Hayden thought so too, because he forfeited his "mimi" aka pacifier to sleep in McQueen. So now Hayden's room is almost complete... we just need to touch up the paint in his room. He has "Super Hero Blue" walls with Cars decals, a McQueen mural, and a welcome race fans banner. We just put up red curtains this past weekend and can't wait to see the valance Aunt Nancy has made for his room.

Another thing we have been working on is potty training. The first day we tried Hayden did great, but I think that was because I put him on the potty at the right times. Ever since then he hasn't wanted anything to do with the potty and goes off and plays when he needs a diaper change. Well today was different... We had just gotten back from the library when Hayden told me he was poopy and needed a diaper change. He was very upset about it... well he wasn't poopy but he had just peed in his pull ups and was finally feeling the wetness. Then tonight he went on the potty, and got it all out before bed time. We even asked him if he had anymore in him and he pushed more out. PROGRESS! He really is turning into a big boy.

On the home front... we bought blinds for most of the house. Down stairs we got all the blinds and curtains we needed. We actually like how it looks and even bought the thermal blinds and curtains to help save our energy costs. We haven't painted anymore, that is on the agenda for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Then we get a load of surprises this weekend that will finally complete our home. Thanks Aunt Pat, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Nancy for your generosity!

Oh yah, I almost forgot... I passed my drivers test!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Nightmare called Hayden

The title says it all... today Hayden has been a nightmare! I went this morning to get my license and registration for the state of Indiana, and I had to take a 44 question drivers license test. I haven't taken one of those in just about 9 years. Needless to say, Hayden decided that he was going to run wild around the building, so between chasing him around and trying to take the test. Well I get the test back and it turns out I failed the sign portion of the test. Yes, I failed a drivers license test... go ahead laugh it up. Just looks like I will be stuck with a Washington license until tomorrow when I can take the test again, without wild child to interrupt me.

So after we left the BMV, we went to Home Depot to get paint, since it is on sale and we still have lots of painting to do (by the way we finally found a red for Jon's office). Anyway, Hayden found a display to knock over and destroy as I was talking to a guy about paint. Who knew the terrible twos could be so horrible. I have never been so frustrated with the kid in my life. On top of everything else his new thing is "I sorry" and he says it every time you scold him or tell him "no." He even told me when we got home. "Momma Hayden naugy" aka naughty... and I said "yes, don't bother momma right now." He said "okay" and went off and played. Sometimes I you want to be so mad at the little guy but you can't. So for all of you out there waiting on another kid from us, you may have to wait just a few years longer after today!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lots and lots of snow...

We are now wondering why we choose to move back to the Midwest... We have got a total of 10 to 12 inches of snow in the past 3 days and for the past two weeks the high hasn't touched the 30s. We are now happy home owners with a fixed dishwasher, a painted kitchen, and a painted office (well almost had some problems with pink paint). Yes we tried to paint Jon's office in red and white (Wisconsin colors) and well the paint was pink!

Anyway, sorry we haven't posted. Ever since our wonderful Christmas in January things have got pretty crazy around here. Jon has been up north the past few weeks and lucked out this week with the snow otherwise he would be down in Louisville, KY. Hayden has been the non-stop chatter box like usual (check out the side bar for funny Hayden talk) and is loving the new house. When Jon shovels the snow Hayden plays in it... he actually lays down and does snow angels and slides down the hill on his butt (I have a video but need to find my camera cord). Well, once I find the camera cord I will post old videos and pictures. I have a lot to post so hopefully it will be soon. Hope everyone has a great week!

Guess when Hayden will arrive!!